Langyi is dedicated to the R&D and manufacture of high-level coreless motors.(Replace Maxon &Faulhaber).


        We have a strong R&D team and the manufacturing capability. Having a professional coreless  motor production line, We are sure to help you build an outstanding efficient transmission system with our technical innovation and customized services. Our micro drive solutions are widely used in aviation, tools, medical, robotics, automation, security door lock, security door, and other fields, promoting the development of key application systems around the world.

        With over 10 years' experience in the field of precision coreless motor technology, we have launched 10 mm ~ 46 mm series, with unparalleled speed torque performance, high power density brush/brushless dc coreless motor, and constantly meet all kinds of transmission in the field of industrial control requirements. We have a complete product development network, provide flexible solutions for a wide variety of industrial automation occasions.

        Our advantages: full size, excellent performance, low noise, high temperature resistance, low heat, long lifetime, good stability etc.

        Accurate Selection : We provide the industry's most complete coreless motor products, including brush motors, brushless dc motors, dc brushless drives, reducers and encoders, and choose the best power solution for your industrial equipment and application.


        Efficient & Reliable : Our modern management ensures the consistency and efficiency of our production. At the same time, we have a strict quality control system to ensure that we provide durable, efficient high-quality motor products, and the very low repair rate.

        Intimate Customization: Whether it is a brushless dc motor solution combination or a brushed dc coreless motor with gearbox and encoder, we can develop or modify standard products to meet your specific requirements.

        Quick Cooperation : Worrying about the design cycle? We can provide the fastest delivery time (which can be shorted to 1-2 weeks) in this area and solve any complex micro power challenges with fast, accurate and more effective solutions.